Recognising and reflecting on Module 1

In module 1, I was able to reflect on my prior knowledge by acknowledging what I had gained through my experience as a teacher and an academic learner. I made the following discoveries about myself including

I wasn’t aware of how much I had achieved in a relatively short time in my life I wasn’t aware of the running theme of value and purpose in dance in education that resonated through the various jobs I had taken.I had opted for the same job roles but across different organisations and educational settings. Although I quickly made the decision about where my career priorities wereI always thought my academic and intellectual side outweighed the practical and experiential side, when actually the evidence suggested my entrepreneurial approach and practical skills in applying knowledge seem to be at the forefront of my learning I became more aware of my preferences as a learner and why I learn, teach and exist in a certain way. I am inquisitive by nature and am drawn to the WHY and do n…

Moving forwards - Frameworks and beyond proving theories

thoughts from the skype discussion  Sunday 1st October, 5pm
The discussion started by revisiting the ideas of knowledge and experience from module 1 - knowing and not knowing. The awareness of your own position in a framework or whether you are the kind of person trying to prove or gather answers. Creativity is not always looked upon by outsiders as academic. Sometimes we take for granted the knowledge or unspoken understanding within the Arts that acknowledges that not everything can be contextualised through academia. Trying to prove using a binary ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ from a positivist or scientific perspective does not translate when looking at the embodiment of movement or indeed reflection as there are no right or wrong answers. Instead the translation of experience through critical reflection can help us explain our choices, methods and own theoretical perspective and frameworks in the same way that our moral background influences our actions and our personality in everyday life. T…

Reflecting on the value of Dance In Education